Great news for Facebook users! Now you will get fixed earning opportunity, know what to do?

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New Delhi: There is great news for Facebook users. Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that Facebook is setting up a program to pay $ 1 billion to creators by the end of 2022 who use their platform. Part of the effort to woo influential people. According to the New York Times report, social network company Facebook said that $1 billion will be allocated among all types of creators, which will encourage influencers to create and post original content on Facebook. Influencers will be able to make money using specific Facebook and Instagram features. For example, if creators Livestream regularly, they can earn cash.

There will be a special place for the creators
Let us tell you that in the last year, there has been a tremendous war between tech companies, who are engaged in wooing online content creators. This includes companies including Tiktok and YouTube. Facebook said it plans to create a dedicated place for creators to track their bonuses on Instagram and Facebook by the end of the year.

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What is Facebook’s plan?
Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Facebook has asked to give money to creators in exchange for the use of its products. The company has also introduced features like IGTV, a long video, and a reel similar to YouTube which works similar to TikTok. In December, Facebook pledged to invest $10 million in the black gaming community over the next two years, with some creators guaranteeing monthly payments for using Facebook Gaming, a streaming platform similar to Twitch. In November, Snapchat began giving out $1 million per day to content creators who post on the app’s Spotlight feature, which functions similarly to TikTok.