Government’s Arogya Setu App is down, has a technical flaw


New Delhi: The government-launched mobile app Arogya Setu (Coronavirus) has a technical flaw in the Arogya Setu. Due to this, the Arogya Setu app has been down. Users are unable to use it. On opening this app, 503 Temperly is showing an unwearable error. The Arogya Setu App plays an important role in the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic.

Arogya Setu app is not logged in since Tuesday evening due to technical problems. Arogya Setu has also confirmed the downing of the app on her Twitter account. It was told that some users are facing login problems. The app has encountered some technical issues. Which the technical team is trying to fix soon. Sorry for the trouble the users are having. Let us know that the Arogya Setu app tells users with the help of the location of the smartphone and Bluetooth whether they are in the Corona location or not. People can also get corona checked through this app.