Government strict on anti-India agenda, 2 news websites and 20 YouTube channels blocked


New Delhi: Pakistan is engaged in every possible effort to spread terror and mistrust in India. The way the Indian Army has curbed Pakistani terrorists on the border since then Pakistan is now trying to spread panic in India through the Internet. In view of this nefarious act of Pakistan, for the first time, India has ordered to block 2 news websites and 20 YouTube channels, which Pakistan used to spread false news and rumors in India. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an order in writing to YouTube for this.

The government is now taking a tough stand on those running anti-India agenda through internet media. While multinational companies are making strict rules regarding internet media, some people are not deterring from using it wrongly. The government has such information, which shows that some vicious people sitting in Pakistan are working to spread anti-India and false news through YouTube. It is reported that ‘Naya Pakistan Group’, which has 15 YouTube channels, and all of them are focused on India. Anti-India news is broadcast on all these YouTube channels.


All these channels are working under the guise of news to malign India’s image in front of the world and serve lies. To show this lie as truth, some channels have also made Pakistani anchors a part of their team. All these Pakistani anchors work in many big news channels there. The purpose of these anchors is to prove the lie as truth and present it in front of the world.

Sources said that the kind of claims included in the video and photographic material aired on these channels, many false claims have been made like PM Modi Impose Emergency, Article 370 Restored, Taliban Army, and India’s relations. An attempt is being made to create unrest in India by making such claims. The portals that have been identified for removal by the government include the ‘Naya Pakistan Group’, which runs more than 15 channels on YouTube and has more than a million people associated with it. It is said that only after a thorough investigation and gathering concrete evidence, the government decide to take action against them and order YouTube to block them immediately.