Government reply on cocktail vaccine program, tell its advantages and disadvantages


New Delhi: The vaccination program has started in the country. So far, more than 200 million people have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, which includes both the first and second doses. Meanwhile, very shocking news has come from Uttar Pradesh, where 20 people were vaccinated separately. This news has created a ruckus in the country after the news came out. At the same time, the central government has now given its response. Dr. VK Paul, Health Member at Niti aayog said that “There is no need to panic.”

In a press conference organized by the Ministry of Health, Dr. Paul stated, “According to protocol, the first dose of the vaccine, the second dose of the same vaccine should be taken. If people are receiving different doses then there is no reason to worry, it is safe. We are looking at doing mix and match (vaccine supplements) on a trial basis. ”


Case investigation started
Earlier speaking on the question of incorrect dose of the second COVID19 vaccine given in UP, VK Paul said, “The protocol is clear that both doses given should be of the same vaccine.” This matter should be investigated. Even if this has happened, it should not be a matter of concern. “

Pfizer will supply vaccine by July
Dr. VK Paul said, “We are involved with Pfizer because they indicated the availability of a certain amount of vaccines in the coming months, possibly in July. They have requested compensation against liability towards all nations. We are investigating this request. No decision has been taken yet. “