Government proposes to suspend agricultural laws, farmers will reply on January 22

Kisan Andolan

New Delhi: The 10th round of talks between the Farmer Unions and the government, which were protesting against the farm laws, took place in Vigyan Bhavan on Wednesday. In the tenth round of talks on Wednesday, the government presented the biggest offer so far to the farmers. The government asked the farmers to form a joint committee of farmers and the government to take a final decision on these laws and these laws should be banned until the committee decides. Farmer organizations have told the government that they will talk among themselves and inform the government about their decision in the 22nd meeting.

The meeting started in a good environment and Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar started the meeting with the greetings of Guru Govind Singh Prakash Parv. In response, the farmer leader on behalf of the farmers organizations, the governor congratulated all the ministers and officials for the festival of light. After the meeting, the farmers told that the government said that it can suspend the laws for a year and a half. In response, the farmers have said that there is no point in postponing the laws and they also made it clear that they want the government to withdraw the laws. The next round of meeting between the farmers and the government will be held on 22 January.

Farmers told that the government has said that we can keep the law on hold for 1.5-2 years by giving affidavit in the court. After discussing with the committee, we will implement the report given by the committee. Farmer leaders said that we are 500 farmers organizations, tomorrow we will discuss the most and give our reply on January 22. The leader of the farmers’ organization said that the government has proposed to suspend the three agricultural laws for a certain time with the consent of both the parties and to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court for the formation of a committee.
Farmers demand withdrawal of fake cases
All India Kisan Sabha general secretary Hannan Mulla said that the government has said that a committee will be formed on the MSP and the laws will be implemented on the basis of the committee’s suggestions. Mulla said that we have demanded the government to withdraw the fake cases filed by the NIA against the farmers. In response, the government said that they are looking into the matter and they have asked the names of such leaders against whom new cases are to be filed (if any).


The solution can be found on 22 January
After the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that during the discussion we said that the government is ready to ban agricultural laws for one to one and a half years. I am happy that the farmer’s organizations took it seriously and said that they will discuss it tomorrow and will give their decision on 22 January. Tomar said that I think the conversation is going in the right direction and there is a possibility that a solution will come out on 22 January.

The farmers’ organizations are protesting on all the boundaries of Delhi from 27-28 November in protest against the agricultural laws passed by the Center. The farmers are adamant about the government’s demand for the withdrawal of agricultural laws. To overcome the deadlock, the government and farmer organizations have met 10 times.