Google’s AI-based tool ‘Help me write’ will help you write great emails

AI-based tool Help me write

New Delhi: Recently, tech giant Google announced the ‘Help Me Write’ feature at the Annual Development Conference. This is a feature based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will change the way you write. The mail written through this will be organized which will also increase your impression. Right now this feature is in its initial stages.

‘Help Me Write’ is an AI tool that will understand your prompt and help you write. For example, if you want to write a mail to XYZ to invite him to a wedding, then you will have to enter this query in short by clicking on the ‘Help me write’ feature.

While writing mail in English, many times we make mistakes in grammar and spelling. Now this doesn’t happen with you, Gmail has introduced the ‘Help me write’ feature for you. This feature will work to correct grammar and spelling.

AI-based tool Help me write

How to use the ‘Help me write’ feature?

  • You will see the feature of Help Me Write in email and Google Docs.
  • Click on the Help Me Write option in the mail and enter the prompt as to what you want to write.
  • You will get the response in some time.
  • If you do not like it, then you can also re-create it.
  • Then move it to Mail or Dock and edit it.
  • After editing the user will be able to insert the email.