Going to marriage will now be expensive, the quarantine will have to happen


Wardha: Demonstrating attendance at wedding ceremonies that have held the couple together for a lifetime with the sacred union(marriage) of two hearts is now going to cost high, due to the rapid spread of Corona infection, the district administration has taken drastic measures, which has led to relatives to quarantine for seven days.

Due to Corona infection, many had postponed their wedding auspices, due to which a large number of wedding ceremonies are being organized in the last week of June and in July. And weddings are being organized in the halls. For the wedding, the bride and groom, as well as many relatives come from other districts, which can increase the infection of Corona.

According to the order, the list of all the persons present at the time of permitting the marriage, should be made with the Aadhaar card, mobile number, received by the Tehsildar, only 10 persons should be allowed when the bride or groom comes from other districts. When the wedding venue is in Wardha district, all the persons involved in the marriage should be quarantined for 7 days when either the bride or groom comes from another district. After this time period, further action should be taken by medical examination of them, if some of the persons present for the ceremony are from other district, then the District Magistrate Vivek Bhimnar has given instructions to send their list to the Tehsildars.