Glittering Surge: Gold and Silver Prices Soar in India Amidst Global Uptrend


New Delhi: The Indian bullion market witnessed a significant uptick in precious metal prices today, with gold and silver rates climbing amidst a robust global trend. Gold prices soared to a new peak, with ten grams now priced at ₹68,420, marking a substantial increase in the market. Silver followed suit, with one kilogram now fetching ₹78,570, as reported by HDFC Securities.

On the bustling trading floors of Delhi’s bullion market this Monday, gold traders observed a remarkable rise in prices. The cost of gold surged by ₹1,070, setting a new record high for the precious metal at ₹68,420 per 10 grams. This leap comes after the previous session’s closing price of ₹67,350 per 10 grams, reflecting a strong upward momentum.

Silver’s Shining Moment
Today’s trading also saw silver prices glittering with an increase of ₹1,120, closing the day at ₹78,570 per kilogram. This jump is in contrast to the closing figures from the last trading session, where silver stood at ₹77,450 per kilogram.

International Markets Echo the Rise
The surge in prices wasn’t confined to the Indian markets alone. In the international arena, spot gold prices on the COMEX market experienced a rise, reaching US $2,265.73 per ounce before settling at $2,257.10 per ounce. Silver, too, enjoyed gains, trading at $25.13 an ounce, up from the previous session’s close of $24.55 an ounce.

Gold and Silver

This price rally in the precious metals market is reflective of a broader global trend, signaling a strong demand for gold and silver as investment assets. Investors and market analysts are closely monitoring these developments as they unfold in the Indian and global markets.