Get discount of 2.25 lakh rupees on Harley-Davidson bike, know the full offer

Harley-Davidson HD Fat Boy

New Delhi: Hero Motocorp has launched a special offer for Hero’s business partner along with his employees and their family members. Which the company has named First to Ride. In which a discount of up to 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees is being given on Harley Davidson bike from Hero MotoCorp. At the same time, this offer is for limited units and limited time. Let’s know about this offer …

First to Ride Offer – Hero MotoCorp has started this offer in the joy of partnership started with American automaker Harley Davidson. In which discount is being given on 200 Harley Davidson bikes by the company. This discount is being given on the custom duty of the bike. At the same time, on these bikes you will also get the sign of the Chairman of Hero MotoCorp.

Discounts are available on these Harley Davidson bikes – Hero MotoCorp is offering discounts on 4 bikes of Harley Davidson. In which you are getting a discount of 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees on Harley-Davidson HD Fat Boy, 1 lakh 7 thousand rupees on Fat Boy. At the same time, discounts of 1 lakh 25 thousand rupees and 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees are being received on Low Rider and Low Rider S respectively.

Low Rider

Let us tell you, the American bike manufacturer had closed all its showrooms in India in 2020. After which the company partnered with Hero MotoCorp in which all Harley Davidson bikes will be sold from the showroom of Hero MotoCorp.

Hero Motocorp bikes are also getting discounts – Hero MotoCorp has recently set a record of making 100 million bikes. Under which the company is giving a discount of up to Rs 3,500 on its bikes too. In which a bonus of 1 thousand rupees and exchange bonus of 1 thousand rupees is being given by the company.