Venus transits in Capricorn, 6 zodiac signs for big benefits


Venus has changed the zodiac on (28 January 2021). Departed from Sagittarius sign at 3.18 in the morning and entered Capricorn. Many auspicious coincidences are being formed with the change of Venus (Shukra). It will have an effect on many zodiac signs and will prove beneficial. Also, tomorrow is Paush Purnima. Venus will bring tremendous benefits for 6 zodiac signs. Let’s know about these zodiac signs.

Transition of Venus seems to be beneficial for Taurus people. These zodiac signs can get some good news. One can get relief from chronic diseases.



You will get rid of the problems of life of Gemini sign. There will be opportunities for benefits and answers. This is also the right time to change jobs.


Transition of Venus will increase respect for the Virgo sign. Promotions and financial gains are being made. Good news can be received from Santan.


People of Libra can increase their income. Support will be received from family and friends. The desire to buy a new home or vehicle seems to be fulfilled.


You can get some good news related to career for Capricorn zodiac. It is also an auspicious time to succeed in love and carry on relationships. The wishes of promotion seekers are seen to be fulfilled.


Transition of Venus in Pisces sign can increase income. Will prove to be auspicious for traders too. The financial crisis will be overcome.