Transit of four planets can make coronavirus to take more formidable form in December

transit of planets

Pt. Sumeet Rawal

Four planets will change their zodiac in December, the last month of the year. The last month of the year 2020 is going to be very special in terms of astrology. The planetary conditions are going to change drastically this month. 4 significant planets are about to change zodiac signs in the next month. These include the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. Changes in the position of these 4 planets can be seen in all parts of the world.

In the month of December, where the Sun will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Venus will leave its self-contained Libra and enter Scorpio. At the same time, Mercury will appear from Scorpio to Sagittarius. On the other hand, this month Mars will come to Aries from Pisces. Explain that the coronavirus, which has been raging all over the world for a year, can take an even more monstrous form. Meanwhile, big ups and downs can come to the fore in the politics of the country and the world. Let us know what kind of change is going to take place in these 4 planets.

transit of planets

Venus will enter Scorpio
Venus is considered to be the factor of material comforts. Venus will enter Scorpio on December 11 from Libra. In this zodiac, Venus will be located in this zodiac from December 11 to January 4 next year. Venus is also considered to be very important in terms of love and romance. The coming of Venus in Scorpio can be auspicious for some zodiac signs and ominous for some zodiac signs. The appearance of Venus will also have an effect on marital life.

Sun will enter Sagittarius
On December 15, Sun is entering Sagittarius from Scorpio. Sun will be located in this zodiac sign till January 14 next year. After this Sun will enter Capricorn. The Sun is in Sagittarius will have an auspicious effect on all the zodiac signs. During this time, the career of the Sagittarius people will change. Promotion is likely. You can also get a new job.

Mercury will appear in Sagittarius
The prince of the planets and the intelligence factor Mercury will enter Sagittarius on December 17. Mercury will be in this zodiac sign till January 5, 2021. Here Mercury will form Budhaditya Yoga in alliance with the Sun planet. Due to the effect of Mercury change of Mercury, some Jataks achieve success in career and marital life, then the relationship of some Jataks improves.

Mars enters Aries
Mars will make his way to Aries on December 24. Mars will enter Aries through Pisces. In Vedic astrology, Mars is the factor of energy, brother, land, power, courage, might, valor. Mars is owned by Aries and Scorpio. These are considered high in Capricorn and low in Cancer. This zodiac change of Mars will have an auspicious effect on Aries. But anger must be controlled.