Jupiter will Direct on November 24, 6 zodiac signs including Aries and Virgo will progress

Jupitor direct

Jupiter is going to move to Pisces on November 24, which means from this date the direct movement of Jupiter will start. In whose horoscope the Guru is in an auspicious position, they will get success in his work. He will get good news. For those who are not married yet, the matter of their relationship can be confirmed.

Benefits of Guru Margi 2022 zodiac signs
Aries: Due to Jupiter’s transit in Pisces, there will be progress in the lives of the people of Aries. There is a possibility of promotion in the job. You can also get a new job offer. There are also signs of monetary gain. Foreign travel or foreign business can be beneficial. With the positive influence of Jupiter, your health will be fine.

Taurus: If you are associated with the stock market then you can make good profits. If you are planning any investment then time is favorable. This investment will give profit in future. Those who are marriageable, their marriage can be confirmed. Jarvansathi’s suggestion will be beneficial for you. You will progress. There is a possibility of having a child for newly married couples.

Virgo: With the grace of Guru, there will be positive changes in your life. People associated with a business will make profits, due to which your economic side will be strengthened. Employed people will get the full support of their seniors. Your personality will be stronger and more influential than before. At this time, if you are planning to start any work in partnership, then this is a good time for you. Will get an opportunity to participate in auspicious works.

Jupitor direct

Scorpio: You will benefit in all areas due to the path of the Guru. Luck will be kind to you, due to which you will get success in every work. There can be an expansion of the working area of ​​employed people or they can get some new responsibility. If you want to start any business or work of yours, then you can start it. If you want to invest in the stock market then it can be beneficial for the future. Marriage of unmarried people can be confirmed.

Aquarius: Those who do their business abroad, will be benefited from the help of Jupiter. Employed people can get a new job offer. There is a possibility of changing jobs. You can organize any worship lesson or other auspicious work at your home. Your interest in religious works will increase. Family support will also be received in this. You will get success in the matter of debate. A new position can also be obtained.

Pisces: The planet Jupiter is moving in your own sign, because of this you are going to get profitable conditions. There is a possibility of success in the field of education competition. A new guest is going to come into your family, there is a chance of having a child. Investing in the stock market will give benefits. Those whose marriage is stuck can get good news and things can be confirmed. Will be involved in religious works or can go on pilgrimage.