If you want to be successful in Marketing look at your planet mercury’s position


Mercury has been called a prince in the cabinet of planets, in the commercial field, he is considered to be related to Marketing, whose Mercury is auspicious in the horoscope, then the person progresses in the field of marketing, even if he is not in marketing, he should do his work with things Removal comes well.

If the Mercury is in the second house in the horoscope and is of a higher original attitude, then the speech is fantastic. Once such people start speaking on a subject, they do not live without leaving their mark on the front. Wherever such people are standing, crowds gather around them, even if someone is addressing the gathering, but people surround them. If a combination of auspicious planets is achieved in this situation (in the second house), then there will be a “ icing on the cake ”. Many times we see that a person, despite being fully knowledgeable about a subject, cannot express it. For example- We give two people to sell the same type of watch, both of them also give marketing training together, but the sales result of one is good and the other is bad.

It simply means that the position of Mercury is weak in the horoscope of which the result was poor, the amount of Mercury in the planets received at the time of birth is less than the amount of Mercury. Allergy problem is also a sign of weak Mercury.

In the scriptures, measures related to making each weak planet powerful.

What to do to make Mercury strong –

One should use green color more and more.
Green vegetables should be used in green clothes and food.
Fill the water in a green bottle and keep it in the sun in the afternoon and in the evening consume that water, by doing this you will get Mercury from the sunlight.
This process should be done in the light of the moon at night and consumed in the morning. The moon has the jurisdiction of flora, Mercury also receives the zodiac sign through the moon rays.

This remedy is to be done for a whole life, not a two-day, month, year.