Former Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi completes Ph.D. on research topic ‘Reasons for the downfall of Congress’

charanjeet Channi

Chandigarh: Former Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has recently completed his Ph.D. in Political Science. Charanjit Singh Channi, who was a research scholar at Punjab University, has got a doctorate degree. The research topic he chose for his Ph.D. is quite interesting. Channi’s research topic was ‘Reasons for the downfall of Congress’. He has concluded in his thesis that the downfall of Congress is due to the culture of sycophancy in the party. He has said in his research that the Gandhi family tried to fight to save the Congress from collapse, but due to some sycophants, the morale of the loyal soldiers of the party is going down. Former CM Channi has done this research under the aegis of PU’s ‘Center for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy’. In this research, Prof. Emmanuel Nahar has guided him.

This research of former CM Channi is based on the strategy of Congress in the elections held since the 2004 Lok Sabha elections till now. It also explains how the Congress had to be thrown out of power. In the research, factionalism of Congress in the states has also been mentioned and it has been said that Congress was divided into three factions in every state. Giving example, it has been said that during the Congress rule in Punjab, there was a tussle between Captain Amarinder Singh, Sidhu, and Sunil Jakhar, while in Rajasthan there was a tussle between CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. Congress leader Channi has also mentioned the script of the exodus of 18 MLAs along with Scindia in Madhya Pradesh and the exit of the Kamal Nath government from power.

Mention of confrontation between CM Bhupesh Baghel and TS Singh Deo in Chhattisgarh
In the thesis of Charanjit Singh Channi, referring to the situation of confrontation between CM Bhupesh Baghel and TS Singh Deo in Chhattisgarh and the collapse of the Congress government in Karnataka, referring to the G-23 group, it is said, ‘All these issues are the main factors in the downfall of the Congress. are. Explaining the reason for UPA’s victory in 2009 in the research, it has also been said that Congress came to power due to NREGA, RTI, and other social programs. Whereas in 2011, people like the Anna movement and Kejriwal started doing a lot of damage to Congress. Issues like the 2G spectrum and the Adarsh society scam also damaged the image of the party. In some states, Congress did not allow the people of the second row to stand.

charanjeet Channi

Former Punjab Chief Minister Channi has concluded in his research that Sonia Gandhi’s focus remained only on the senior leaders of the party, while Rahul Gandhi’s was limited to the youth. Explaining the reasons for the NDA coming to power, Channi said that the BJP’s campaign in 2014 was aggressive. The BJP had a face like PM Modi, while the then PM Manmohan Singh was not able to answer his questions. There was anger in the middle class against inflation and the greedy corrupt political class. Channi has said in his suggestion that the organization will have to be strengthened to bring Congress back into action. The strategy will have to be reviewed again and instead of giving preference to old faces, a charismatic face will have to be found that is acceptable to the public.