Forest clerk kills sisters with rat poison, inspired by ‘Drishyam’ movie

Forest clerk kills sisters with rat poison

Mumbai: A shocking incident of fratricide has come to light from Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. A forest clerk, who was inspired by the Bollywood movie ‘Drishyam’, killed his two unmarried sisters with rat poison and tried to frame a relative for the crime. However, the police cracked the case and exposed his master plan.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Ganesh Mohite, who works as a clerk in the forest department in Palghar, was frustrated with his two sisters, who were dependent on him financially. He also feared that they would claim his father’s property, who died in an accident. He decided to kill his sisters and make it look like a murder by a relative, with whom he had a property dispute.

The report said that on October 15, Ganesh took his family to a Navratri event in Revdanda, where his relative lived. He knew that if he killed his sisters in Palghar, he would be the prime suspect. But if he killed them in Revdanda, he could easily blame his relative. On the day of the crime, Ganesh prepared soup for his sisters and mixed rat poison in it. He then asked his mother to bring some drinking water from a container outside on the verandah and left for the Navratri program.

After leaving home, he received a call from his sisters, who complained of uneasiness. He deliberately reached home late and took his sisters to the civil hospital, where one of them died on October 17. The other sister Sneha was shifted to MGM Hospital in Kamothe, where she died on October 20. Ganesh told Sneha, who survived till October 20, to convince their mother that their relative had poisoned their drinking water in the verandah.

How did the police expose Mohite’s master plan?
On October 21, the case was transferred to the Local Crime Branch (LCB) and while interrogating the relative, the police found out that he had installed CCTV cameras outside his house. The investigating officer was quoted by HT as saying, “We did not see anyone tampering with the water. From the CCTV footage and the fact that the mother had no problems after drinking the same water, we realized that something was wrong. After investigation, we came to know about the fight between the brother and sisters.”

When Ganesh became suspicious in the investigation, the police checked his phone and found 53 search history entries related to poison from October 11 to 14. Some of them were ‘sweet poison’, ‘low poison smell’, and ‘how many days does it take for a person to die after consuming poison’.

Forest clerk kills sisters with rat poison

Why was the murder committed?
Ganesh’s father was an officer in the forest department, who died in an accident. After that, a long dispute started over who would get his job. The mother supported one of her daughters. The accused was fed up with his sisters because he had to spend his salary on them. He was also worried that they would claim his father’s property.