Food for Rs 20, 200 ml water for Rs 3, new system of railways, starting from these railway stations

puri bhaji 20 rupees

New Delhi: Lakhs of people travel by train daily in the country. Many trains have provision for pantry cars, but this facility is available only to the passengers of AC and sleeper coaches. Those traveling in general coaches have to wander to the station for food and drink, but now the Railways has started economy miles giving a big gift to the people traveling in general coaches.

Under this new system of Indian Railways, people traveling in passenger trains and second class coaches will get a full meal for Rs.20. Not only this, apart from this, a glass of 200 ml water will also be available for Rs 3. Generally, passengers have to spend Rs 20 for a bottle of water.

Where did it start
North Western Railway has started this economical food arrangement at Udaipur, Ajmer, and Abu Road stations. Under this, ‘economy miles’ are being made available to passengers traveling in general class coaches. This food is available on Platform-1 of these three stations. The special thing is that on the platform where the general class coaches stop, counters/stalls have been set up here.

These economy mill stalls have been made on platform number 1 of Udaipur railway station at Rana Pratap Nagar end and Himmatnagar end where the general class coaches of the train stop. At the same time, these stalls have been set up at different ends of platform number 1 of Ajmer and Abu Road railway stations.

What will be available in the Economy Mile of Railways?
In this 20 rupees economy meal of Railways, there will be 7 puris, potato vegetable, and pickle. It started at Udaipur City station. In the coming days, snacks/combo meals (350 grams) will also be available in these stalls, which will cost Rs.50.

Rajma-rice, khichdi, kulche chole, chole-bhature, pavbhaji, or masala dosa can be taken in a combo meal of Rs.50. Apart from this, 200 mm packaged sealed glasses will be available for the passengers, the price of which has been kept at Rs 3.

puri bhaji 20 rupees

According to Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Sunil Kumar Mahla, considering the problems faced by the passengers traveling in general class coaches in long-distance trains, Railways has decided to provide cheap food. Due to this, the passengers can get food easily, and in the rush to get food, the train accidents that happen while boarding and alighting from the train can also be curbed.