Female cheetah Shasha in Kuno national park now completely healthy, under 24-hour monitoring

Female cheetah Shasha

Bhopal: The female cheetah Shasha brought from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Sheopur district is now completely fine. He had dehydration (lack of water and diarrhea). Doctors have completed his treatment and dosage of medicines. He has been kept in a special enclosure for sick wild animals for observation. Special attention is being paid to his diet. Teams of experts from Bhopal’s Van-Vihar along with Kuno National Park are constantly monitoring it. Officials say that now Shasha does not have any kind of problem.

Significantly, there was a stir in Kuno National Park on January 21 when the health of Shasha, specially brought from Namibia, deteriorated. The management of Kuno National Park came to know about this when he was found lethargic and having diarrhea in CCTV. The water level in Shasha’s body was coming down rapidly.

The team of experts took immediate action
Seeing this, the team of experts immediately reached Shasha and examined her. In his investigation, it was found that Shasha had become a victim of dehydration. The doctors immediately gave him first aid. He was put on a drip. After this, the management of Kuno National Park called a special team of doctors from Van Vihar in Bhopal. The doctors started monitoring him and taking care of his diet. It is said that now he is completely healthy.

Female cheetah Shasha

Now female cheetah Shasha has no problem- Verma
DFO Prakash Verma says that Shasha had a problem a few days ago. His treatment was started immediately and on time. The female cheetah, Shasha, is now healthy, yet she is being constantly monitored. Now he doesn’t have any problem.

PM had released leopards in National Park on his birthday
Significantly, in September last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released cheetahs brought from Namibia in a special enclosure in Kuno National Park. PM Modi, who was celebrating his 72nd birthday on September 17 last year, also took pictures of cheetahs. As soon as he turned the lever in the National Park, the cheetahs went to the special enclosure. Cheetahs slowly came out of the cages. Let us tell you, in 1952, Cheetah was declared extinct in India.