Farmers warned government, stops selling onions if they do not get right price


Nashik: In the district of Nashik, onion is getting less price in the mandis from the onion production cost for 7 to 8 months. Crores of rupees are being lost to the farmers. Yet the state and central government are not paying attention to this. This has angered the onion-producing farmers. The central and state governments have threatened to start a road agitation by stopping the sale of onions from August 16 if they do not consider the demands positively.

Farmers are selling onions at the price of kowdis
After the improvement in the prices of onions, the prices of onions are continuously falling due to the banning of export, importing foreign imports, raiding onion traders, and making rules for imposing restrictions on onion storage. Farmers are selling onions at the price of kowdis, which is being ignored by the state and central government. Onion growing farmers have become agitated due to the unwillingness of MLAs, MPs, and Union Ministers to speak on this issue.


Disappointment with nafed
The onion of another farmer is getting a very low price in the market committee. Meanwhile, this time 2.5 lakh tonnes of onion were purchased from NAFED, but NAFED also sprinkled salt on the wounds of the farmers while buying onions at Rs 10 to 12 per kg. The onion production cost would have been Rs 20 to 22 per kg, but in the last few months onion is getting an average price of Rs 8 to 10 per kg. Farmers are demanding an average price of Rs 25 per kg for onions in all the market committees. If the demands are not acted upon, a warning has been given to agitate in the state and stop the sale of onions from August 16. This information was given by Bharat Dighole, founder and president of Maharashtra State Onion Producer Farmers’ Association.