Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite gets a shock in India, will have to pay refund to 5,000 Indians


New Delhi: Elon Musk has been hit hard in India. Elon Musk’s company Starlink satellite will have to refund 5000 Indians who pre-ordered the company’s internet device. The Government of India has ordered the company to do so. The company is yet to get a license to start services in India.

Starlink’s satellite internet venture is part of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX aerospace. Starlink is launching small satellites to provide low latency broadband Internet service around the world. Its focus is especially on remote areas, where traditional Internet access is very difficult.

The company sent an e-mail to consumers
According to a report by news agency Reuters, Starlink Starlink has started informing the customers of the company’s device pre-order through e-mail by order of the Government of India. Reuters claimed to have seen an e-mail sent to one such user. 5000 people in India had placed orders for the Starlink device even before its launch. In an e-mail sent to the consumers, the company has said that the option of the refund was always available with the customers. They can take a refund at any time.

The company has not got the license
Starlink is currently struggling to get a commercial license in India and the government has not granted it a license yet. In view of this, on Tuesday, the Government of India ordered the company to refund the money to all those people who pre-ordered the device and deposited the money till the license is granted.


Starlink intends to apply for a license in India by the end of January. At the same time, only last month, the India head of Starlink had told in a social media post that the company has set a target of selling 200,000 devices by December 2022.