Election Commission Cracks Down on Post-Poll Inducements

Election Commission

New Delhi: In a decisive move to uphold the integrity of the electoral process, the Election Commission of India (ECI) released a comprehensive advisory on May 2, 2024, addressing the malpractice of post-poll inducements during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The advisory, which comes in the wake of reported instances of electoral malfeasance, unequivocally instructs all political entities, both national and regional, to immediately halt the distribution of any post-election incentives.

Advisory Details:
The ECI’s directive is clear: all parties must stop the registration of voters for beneficiary-oriented schemes that are promoted through advertisements, surveys, or mobile applications post-election. The Commission has identified such practices as a violation of election law, categorizing them as corrupt activities that undermine the democratic process.

Election Commission

Implications for Voters:
The advisory highlights concerns that such inducements suggest a transactional relationship between voters and the benefits offered, potentially swaying the electorate’s decision-making. This perception of quid pro quo is detrimental to the fairness of the elections, as it may influence voters to cast their ballots based on promised benefits rather than on policy or candidate merit.