Dwarkadhish temple’s top flag broken, a major disaster is coming in the country?

Dwarkadhish temple's top flag broken
  • Saurashtra of Gujarat has been raining continuously for the last three days
  • 25 inches of rain in Dwarka, world-famous Dwarkadhish Temple flag broken
  • People are in awe of the breaking of the flag flying on the peak, people believe that this is a sign of a big event

Dwarka: Saurashtra of Gujarat has been raining continuously for the past three days. This rain has affected the districts of Dwarka, Porbandar and Jamnagar the most. Meanwhile, Dwarka has received 25 inches of rain. There is more fear in the people struggling with rain. The fear is that the world-famous Dwarkadhish temple flag has been broken. People are in awe due to the breaking of this flag on the peak. People believe that this is a sign of a big event.

The peak of Lord Dwarkadhish is severed in heavy rain. This flag is now tied with rope. The rain caused fear among people battling the Corona virus and now people are in awe as the flag is broken.

Flag column indicates major disaster
Pandit Mukund Gugdi, who performed the puja at the Dwarakadhish temple, told NBT that, ‘The flag pillar is a symbol of the pride and skill of any state. Its breakdown indicates that there may be an objection to the state or to any person in power in the state. He said that the last time this happened was in 1998, after which there was a devastating storm in Gujarat’s Kandla Port.

Flag cracked at midnight on July 6
Locals say that on July 6, the flag that waved on the top of Dwarkadhish fell into two pieces. This flag is changed three times daily. This flag is 52 yards. Everyone is worried after the flag is torn and its pole broken. People have started praying to God to keep the country safe.