Drone to deliver groceries, pilot project of Swiggy started in Delhi-Bangalore


New Delhi: Online food delivery company Swiggy has decided to use drones to further improve its delivery service. The company has said that it will soon start using drones for its instant grocery delivery service ‘Instamart’. Swiggy will strengthen the middle part of its delivery system through these. At present, goods will be delivered only to the distribution center by drone.

Under this arrangement, Swiggy will use drones to deliver goods to its dark stores. Actually, dark stores are stores or distribution centers to support delivery. The goods reach the customers only from such stores. In other words, a dark store is a small fulfillment center, which is used to facilitate ultra-fast delivery. Swiggy has clarified in a blog post that the work of delivering goods from these dark stores to the customer will be the same as it is happening now.

This means that the delivery of goods will not be done by drone to your home, but it will reach you through the delivery partner. According to the blog, this pilot project is being started in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. Swiggy has said that the pilot project is being started to see how effective the drone will prove to be in the middle of the delivery process, which is not directly connected to the customer. Also, how far can it be extended?


Selection of these companies
According to Swiggy, Garuda Aerospace, Skyair Mobility, and Marut Dronetech have been selected for this pilot project. In the first phase, Garuda will start a pilot project in Bengaluru while Skyair will soon start a pilot project in Delhi NCR. At the same time, in the second phase, AARA, Tech Eagle Consortia, and Marut will take forward their work on the basis of information received from the first phase. Swiggy has said that it has received 345 proposals for drone delivery services.