DigiYatra App: Direct entry in airport without identity card and boarding pass


New Delhi: If you also often like to complete your every journey by flight, then this information is very useful for you. Yes, from today, the rules for entry at Bangalore and Varanasi airports including Delhi’s IGI airport have also changed.

Significantly, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindi today launched ‘Digi Yatra’, a facility to give entry to air passengers on the basis of facial recognition at Delhi airport. Through Digi Yatra, passengers will not need any boarding pass at the airports.

Facility started at the airport
Under the new rule, passengers arriving at the airport will be able to get paperless entry and the details of passengers will be verified automatically at various check points through facial recognition.

The same system will work in security screening areas as well. This facility has been started today i.e. on Thursday itself at Delhi as well as at Varanasi and Bengaluru airports. However, for this facility, passengers will have to register on the ‘Digiyatra’ app and give their information.

Identification through facial recognition technology
The app identifies passengers through facial recognition technology, which is linked to their boarding passes. At present, this facility has been started as a trial only at Terminal No. 3 of Delhi Airport. On the other hand, according to DIAL, during the trial so far, about 20 thousand passengers have got paperless and seamless entry through this app.

In fact, with the help of this app, passengers have to submit their biometric and other details only once. Then with the help of this detail, he can do his other upcoming journeys comfortably. That is, passengers will no longer have to submit biometric details every time. At the same time, DIAL said that the beta version of DigiYatra app has become available for download on Google Play Store. The iOS version of this app will also be made available within a week.


The main purpose of DigiYatra
Actually, the purpose of starting the service of this DigiYatra app is to speed up the entry process of the airport. After the commencement of this process, the passengers will also get relief from long queues. Apart from this, passengers will also get freedom from carrying documents and hard copies. Now you will be able to enter digitally easily.

How to use

  • First you have to register on DigiYatra app with the help of phone number and Aadhaar details.
  • Then take a selfie from the front camera of the phone and submit it.
  • Finally scan the vaccination details and boarding pass and add them to this app.
  • Now you will be able to enter comfortably with the help of the app.