Diary of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi leaked, used to control PTI and Imran

Bushra Bibi

Lahore: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is currently serving a jail term in the Toshakhana case. The diary of his third and present wife Bushra Bibi has been leaked. Whose discussion is happening not only in Pakistan but in the whole world? Many pages of Bushra’s diary, which is currently with the Pakistani investigative agency, are torn. But in the investigation, it has come to know that Bushra used to control everything, from drinking Imran Khan’s food to meeting anyone.

Bushra Bibi is the third wife of Imran Khan. They married in the year 2018 after Imran Khan became the PM. In Bushra Bibi’s diary, even Imran Khan’s diet plan has been written. It is written in it, coffee, honey, and juice are to be drunk in the morning. Kebab, fish, and meat (meat) are to be taken with vitamin pills in the lunch. At the same time, Imran Khan is allowed to drink milk only at midnight. sorts of-

There have been many sensational revelations from the diary of Bushra Bibi. Whose discussion is in full swing in the Pakistani media. At the same time, according to SAMAA TV News, Bushra Bibi had a lot of influence not only on Imran but also on her party PTI. Bushra used to take the political decisions of PTI. On the other hand, Bushra Bibi used to take all the decisions on whom and how much pressure to give.

After Bushra Bibi’s diary came to the fore, it has been revealed how a conspiracy was hatched to mold Imran Khan’s thinking and personality according to his own. At the same time, former army chief Bajwa has been addressed as “Mamu” in his diary. The strategy is also mentioned in the diary to put pressure on many important people.

Bushra Bibi

Bushra’s influence had increased so much that, ‘Imran Khan was stopped from speaking on important issues.’ PTI started working under Bushra’s guidance. Even in court, she started controlling the conversation between the lawyer and Imran. At the same time, Imran was kept silent in the court and Bushra deliberately started raising such questions of the government in the court which challenges the opposition of the government.