Deleted messages can be recovered on WhatsApp, very easy way


Nowadays almost everyone is using WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp has brought a new feature for its users, and that is to retrieve deleted messages and chats on the smartphone. Today we will tell you such a simple trick that every WhatsApp user can take advantage of. So let’s know about the steps to restore deleted WhatsApp messages on smartphones.

On WhatsApp, users’ chats are stored on their devices, and when these messages are received by the receiver, then the company deletes them from its servers. This means that if a user deletes the chat from their smartphone, it is not easy to retrieve the message as the message is deleted by the company after the receiver receives the message. But by using some tricks, users can retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages.

This feature of WhatsApp is very useful
WhatsApp has a feature that gives users the option to back up their messages and chats to the cloud so that users’ chats remain secure. If their phone is lost or stolen, they can recover their important chats through the cloud.


If you’re a WhatsApp user, all you need to do is choose to upload your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (if you use an iPhone). If the phone is lost, replaced, or stolen, you can re-download those chats while setting up the app on the new phone. This cloud backup function is the best way to get back deleted WhatsApp messages on your smartphone.

This feature is also useful…
If you use an Android phone, you will need to use a file manager to retrieve deleted WhatsApp chats. It has to navigate to the Android folder, find the WhatsApp folder and open the Database folder inside.

Now you need to rename your old backup that you want to recover from ‘msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12’ to ‘msgstore.db.crypt12’ (for example, two days old backup which contains the old chat).

This will ask WhatsApp to use the file you saved as the ‘latest’ backup. This is the only way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages using your phone. But when you get the old backup you can lose all the chats.