Death of female cheetah Daksha in Kuno National Park, third death in three months

Namibian cheetah

Sheopur: Another bad news has come from Kuno Palpur National Park of Sheopur. Another female cheetah has died here. The Forest Department has confirmed his death. The female cheetah was brought from South Africa. This is the third cheetah death in one and a half months.

The news of the death of a leopard has come from Kuno National Park. This time a female cheetah named Daksha brought from South Africa died. According to information received from sources, Daksha died in a mutual fight between cheetahs. Two male cheetahs attacked him. In which Daksha died. This is the third cheetah death in coons within a month and a half.

Forest Department confirmed
PCCF JS Chauhan has issued a press note confirming the death of the leopard. With the death of the third leopard in such a short time, questions are being raised on the functioning of those responsible.
The official said that after Daksh was released in enclosure number one, two male cheetahs Vayu and Agni were released in this enclosure to mate with him, but it appears that the male cheetahs turned violent during the process which is a normal thing. In such a situation, it is difficult for the monitoring team to intervene at the time of the death of the female cheetah.

8 new cheetahs from Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa1

Cheetahs have been brought from Namibia and South Africa
These cheetahs have been brought from Namibia and South Africa to Kuno Palpur National Park under the Animal Exchange Program. PM Narendra Modi released 8 cheetahs brought from Namibia in Kuno on his birthday, 17 September 2022, in the first batch. After that, on the day of Shivratri this year, 12 leopards brought from South Africa were released here. Five of them were females and the rest were males.