Corona’s new variant ‘Lambda’ found in 29 countries of the world, can be more dangerous said WHO

Coronas new variant Lambda

New Delhi: On the one hand, the havoc of the second wave of Corona seems to be decreasing now. At the same time, new research and studies are being done every day regarding this terrible infection, so that more and more information can be found about the corona. But now the WHO said that a new variant of the corona has been found in 29 countries named ‘Lambda’.

Giving information about this, WHO said that this new variant of the corona, in particular, has been found in South America, where it is believed to be its origin. As a weekly update, WHO reported that this new variant of the corona was first found in Peru, now this new variant ‘lambda’ is also classified as of global interest due to its advanced spread in South America.

Giving information on this issue, Peru’s health officials said that since April 2021, this variant has been found in 81% of the infected cases. At the same time, in Chile, this new variant of the corona was found in 32% of the cases reported in the last 60 days. Apart from this, many cases of this new variant of corona have also been found in Argentina and Ecuador.

Coronas new variant Lambda

Giving information on this issue, the WHO said that there is a mutation in the ‘lambda’ lineage, which can also increase the infection capacity or make the virus’s resistance to antibodies very strong. However, the WHO also says that the evidence for this is currently very limited. At present, more research is needed to understand ‘lambda’. It is worth noting that so far the Delta variant of Corona has created the most uproar in the world. Millions of people have died due to this deadly variant.