Corona vaccine will not sell in the market at present, NITI Aayog

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New Delhi: The vaccination program in the country is going to start on January 16 to beat the COVID-19 epidemic. In its first phase, 3 crore people will be vaccinated. Prior to the commencement of the vaccination program, NITI Aayog on Wednesday made it clear that vaccines that have been approved for emergency use will not be allowed for sale in the market. Officials of NITI Aayog have said that the Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech vaccines will be allowed to sell in the market only when the government gives them permission.

These people will be given the vaccine first – let us tell you that recently the government has approved the emergency use of the Covishield of Serum Institute and the Covicin of Bharat Biotech. The first phase of the vaccination campaign will start in the country on 16 January. During this time vaccine will be given to frontline workers and health workers. After this, the vaccine will be given to people above the age of 50 years. Policemen and soldiers are also to be vaccinated.


How much will the price be – Bharat Biotech is selling its vaccine at Rs 295 per dose to the central government. 55 lakh vaccine has been ordered by the central government. The special thing is that India Biotech is charging only 38.5 lakh vaccines from the central government. The government has also ordered a 1.1 crore vaccine to Serum Institute. The price of the covishiled vaccine is Rs 200 per dose.
The price can be so high in the market – Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawala said recently that once approved, he will save his company’s vaccine Kovishield in the market for Rs 1,000.

The Kovin app will have the most important role – The biggest role in the vaccination campaign will be the Kovin app, which is the backbone of the entire vaccination campaign. According to the Health Ministry, the process of preparing the Kovin app was started in October last year, this entire management system is available as an app and portal. Where the vaccination is to be done, the point or the address of the vaccination site will be created as soon as the district officials upload the data.

How the whole system will work – The vaccine will be given only with consent. The information of the person who refuses to take will be removed from the list. If a person whose name is in the list of vaccine users has been messaged, he has not been able to reach the vaccination site, then his name will be included in whatever vaccination will happen next. That is, it is very clear that on the day you have been given the time of vaccination, if you do not reach on that day then you will be able to take further vaccinations.