Corona vaccine has been applied to 74.30 lakh front line workers so far


New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health said that till Thursday, 74.30 lakh frontline workers have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (COVID-19). This achievement was achieved on the 27th day of the nationwide vaccination campaign. According to the interim data, a total of 74,30,866 health workers and frontline workers have been vaccinated by Covid-19 till 7 pm on Thursday.

According to government figures, 57,90,832 of these are health workers while 16,40,034 are frontline workers (police, municipal workers etc.). The ministry said that so far 1,53,799 vaccination sessions have been conducted, of which 10,743 sessions were held at 7 pm on Thursday.

According to the data, 4,13,752 people were vaccinated by Covid-19 in all union territories and states except Mizoram, Daman, and Diu till 7 pm on Thursday. Of these, 85,604 beneficiaries are health workers while 3,28,148 beneficiaries are frontline workers. The ministry said that the final report will come late in the night. The ministry said that up to seven o’clock in the evening on the 27th day of the vaccination campaign, 47 cases had side effects after vaccination.

The ministry said that among the people who have been vaccinated so far, 4,48,903 in Bihar, 3,33,436 in Kerala, 4,76,277 in Karnataka, 4,85,593 in Madhya Pradesh, 6,00,456 in Maharashtra, 1,62,596 in Delhi, Gujarat 6,43,438 beneficiaries from Uttar Pradesh, 7,52,501 from Uttar Pradesh and 4,49,649 from West Bengal.