Corona slows in Madhya Pradesh, growth rate reduced


Bhopal: Now the news of relief on Corona has started coming in Madhya Pradesh, if you look at the country’s figures, the growth rate of Corona in the state is 1.82 percent, while in India, it is 3.67 percent, while talking about Corona doubling rate, it is 38.43 days, while Corona in India is doubling in 19.23 days. That is, the speed of corona in Madhya Pradesh has slowed down. The number of active cases has increased to 2 thousand 455 in the state, only 148 new patients have been received and 249 patients have gone home after getting healthy.
Ujjain’s recovery rate of 80 percent

If we talk about the recovery rate then the recovery rate of Ujjain is 80 percent. After reviewing Ujjain district, the government has directed that further attention should be paid to contact tracing in the district, so that the corona infection can be completely prevented. In Ujjain, 103 are active in 819 positive cases and 649 have become healthy.

Instructions to medical stores

Istructions to the medical stores operating in the state to provide information about cold, cough, fever patients to the government. Chief Minister Chouhan directed that all medical stores should provide information about customers buying fever, cough medicine from their shop. Give it to the Inspector, Medical Officer. This will help in tracing the infection.
Instructions to the Officer-in-Charge The government directed that the officer-in-charge appointed for monitoring the corona in the districts should pay special attention to the condition of the corona in the districts under their charge. Let the collectors guide how the corona infection is completely eradicated in the districts and every patient is healthy.

Reduce death rate

Chief Minister he instructed Health CS Mr.Suleman and the concerned officials that the death rate of corona in Madhya Pradesh should be minimized. For this, study all the states where the death rate is low and ensure the best treatment in Madhya Pradesh, so that every corona patient can be healthy.

Free treatment to every Kovid patient

The Chief Minister said that every Kovid patient is being treated free of cost in the state. All the facilities in the state from corona testing to treatment are free. Kovid is being treated free of cost in government hospitals and contracted private hospitals.