Cooking robot “Nosh” will make more than 120 dishes, this is the price

Cooking robot Nosh

New Delhi: Who likes to work in the kitchen, but everyone wants to eat good dishes? But now you will not have to take the tension of cooking, because a small robot will do all the work in your kitchen. This is because the work of your kitchen will now be done by robots. Here we are talking about the AI-based cooking robot Nosh.

Robot Nosh, created by Euphotic Labs, is the brainchild of Yatin Varachiya. He co-founded a Bangalore startup that inspires people to eat good food with a device. Along with his team members, Q set out to alleviate the issues of urban problems by creating the Robot Nosh, an automated cooking device.

Yatin Varachhia, the creator of Robot Nosh, is a resident of Katwa, a small village in Gujarat. He shifted to Bangalore in 2008 and did his Master’s at the Indian Institute of Science in Technology.

Robot Nosh aspires to be a leading cooking platform providing fresh home-cooked food with convenience at your doorstep.

The cooking robot looks like a microwave. This robot based on artificial intelligence can prepare more than 120 dishes. The price of this robot in India is Rs 39,999.

What else does Nosh, the robot, do besides cooking your favorite dishes?
1-Apart from cooking, it helps you plan, order and cook groceries from an automated grocery store.

2-Not only this, but Robot Nosh can also count calories and customize dishes according to your taste.

Photic Labs is an automated cooking design pattern aimed at making life easier with cooking and food management. It endeavors on that issue, with an aim to make healthy and home-cooked food accessible and delivered to everyone.