Climate crisis is getting worse by eating large amounts of meat, shocking revelations in the study


New Delhi: A new study has revealed that a diet rich in meat, which is considered beneficial for the body, is an important reason for the production of greenhouse gases. A study conducted by University of Leeds researchers shows that the greenhouse gas emissions due to meat, especially red meat, are 41 times higher than the average or balanced diet. The higher the percentage.

Non-vegetarian food contributes more to excretion than a vegetarian diet
The research team studied the processing of more than 3,000 foods and found that the processing of meat affects the climate the most. They also studied the diets of about 200 individuals and the data showed that non-vegetarian food contributed about 59 percent more to excretion than vegetarian diets.

Small changes in dietary habits can make a big difference
Dr. Holly Rippin, the lead author of the study, told the Daily Mail: “We all want to do our part to help save the planet. Our work shows that small changes in our dietary habits can make a big difference, like changing brands, cutting down on sweets, etc.”


Less meat means more stability
The study confirms the fact that a healthy diet with a balanced diet reduces greenhouse gas emissions. “This research isn’t telling you to give up meat entirely, but it does suggest that less meat will mean more consistency,” said study author Dr. Darren Greenwood.