Chris Gayle prediction three teams including India will reach semi-finals in ODI World Cup 2023

Chris Gayle

New Delhi: West Indies veteran batsman Chris Gayle has praised Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. He said that Virat is a very strong cricketer both mentally and physically. At the same time, this player will dominate in the upcoming World Cup (ODI World Cup 2023). Gayle believes that apart from India, Pakistan, England, and New Zealand can reach the final four in the World Cup. Let us tell you that the ODI World Cup to be played in India is going to start on October 5. At the same time, its final match is going to be played on 19 November.

Chris Gayle said about the ICC title, “Why only India, even the West Indies have not won the ICC title since 2016. India has the best players and it will get the advantage of playing on its soil, but there will be pressure on the Indian team to win the title because everyone in India wants the Indian team to win on their soil.

Said this about Virat Kohli
‘Indian Veterans Premier League’ Gayle, who was present at the launch, said, “They think India, Pakistan, England, and New Zealand will be the four teams.” Meanwhile, Gayle expressed his opinion about Virat Kohli. He said, “Not only Virat but every player goes through a bad phase. Tough times don’t last long but strong players last long. Virat is strong mentally and physically. He will continue to dominate in the World Cup by maintaining the same momentum.

Gayle said, “There are times in a sportsperson’s career when everything seems hopeless and positive energy is needed to boost morale. The player then returns to his familiar form.

Chris Gayle

Regarding the World Cup to be held between India and Pakistan, Chris Gayle said, the cricketers of both these teams should demand more money. Gayle said, “Whenever these two teams play each other and especially in the World Cup, there is a lot of earning. A single match can earn as much as an entire ICC tournament. I think the players of both teams should demand more money. That much money a match brings in, be it broadcast revenue or ticket earnings.