China agitated by India’s action, said – ‘This violates world trade law’

tiktok and other chinies app

New Delhi: China is in a tizzy after the Indian government banned 59 apps from China. He has not passed away from this shock. Chinese Embassy spokesman in India Ji Rong said, “The Chinese side is deeply concerned and strongly opposing such action.”

The spokesperson added, ‘India’s measurement, selectively and discriminatorily on some Chinese apps on a vague and far-fetched basis, goes against fair and transparent process requirements, abuses national security exceptions, and the World Trade Organization Violates the rules of.


Ji Rong said, ‘This also goes against the general trend of international trade and e-commerce, and is not conducive to consumer interests and market competition in India.’

On Monday, the Indian government has banned 59 apps, including China’s Tiktok. The government took this decision by linking data on these apps and posing a threat to India’s security. Earlier, Indian security agencies had prepared a list of Chinese apps and appealed to the central government to stop them.
Here is the list:
Tick-Talk, Share It, Kawai, UC Browser, Baidu Map, Shane, Clash of Kings, DU Battery Saver, Hello, Likey, YouCam Makeup, MI Community, CM Browser, Virus Cleaner, Apus Browser, Romvi, Club Factory, News dog , Beauty Plus, WeChat, UC News, QQ Mail, Weibo.

In between, NITI Aayog Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant on Tuesday said that all mobile apps offering services in India should follow the country’s data security, data security and privacy rules. His statement came a day after the government banned China’s 59 apps. Agreeing that the country is sovereign in the matter of data, Kant said that the app should adopt a transparent attitude towards their country of origin and eventual access to data.

The government has imposed a ban on 59 Chinese apps on the basis of being detrimental to the safety, integrity and security of their country. Kant said, ‘All apps that work in the country should follow India’s data authenticity, privacy, sovereignty and transparency rules.’

He tweeted, ‘They (the app) should be transparent about the origin of the data and its final stop. India should be a sovereign country in terms of data. This is important. The apps against which action has been taken are lifestyle-related apps. ‘In a series of tweets, he said that this is the right time for Indian technology companies to develop technology solutions for the country and the world.