Chhattisgarh government is selling government (Nazul) land located in urban areas of the state


Raipur: Chhattisgarh government is selling government (Nazul) land located in urban areas of the state. Any person can buy government land for a house, shop or any other work. For this, the government has simplified the process of land allocation. The amendment in the revenue law has increased the authority of tax collectors. With this, the cases of land allocation and administration at the district level will be resolved with complete transparency, with ease and speed. This initiative of the government will also benefit the landowners.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has taken a number of important decisions to make it easy for the people to occupy government land in urban areas as well as for allotment of land for residential, commercial or other purposes. The leased land received at concessional and non-concessional rates will have to be given an additional amount of two percent from the fixed price for the change in the landowner’s rights.

25% of the guideline rate

Allotment of government land in urban areas and settlement of encroached land will be done according to the notified development plan from city and village investment. The allocation for the allocation of land for commercial purpose to urban bodies will be determined at a price equal to 25 percent of the prevailing guideline. The interest payable while making the allocation to an individual or institution will be determined based on the prevailing guideline.

Auction will be done on more than one application

On application of two or more persons or institutions for the allotment of any government land, the highest bidder will be applied through auction, assuming an offset to the premium rate set at the prevailing guideline rate. Special concession has also been given to the government landowner or lessee in case of payment of land rent.