Cheap food stopped for MPs in Parliament canteen


New Delhi: In the canteen of Parliament, now the staff including Members of Parliament and others will have to pay more. Under the new price list, there will now be a vegetarian plate of Rs 100 and a non-vegetarian buffet for Rs 700 in the canteen of Parliament. Recently, Loksabha President Om Birla had announced the withdrawal of subsidy from the canteen of Parliament. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had told that the canteen of Parliament will now be run by the Northern Tourism Development Corporation of India (NTDC).

According to the list of prices of food items served in the canteen issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, 58 food items will be available here from 27 January, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Now buffet lunch will be available for 700 rupees. Now the cost of vegetarian biryani is 50, while a plate of chicken biryani will cost 100 rupees. Vegetarian food thali will now be available for Rs 100 and chicken curry for Rs 75 and mutton biryani for Rs 150.

Earlier, a plate of chicken curry was available for Rs 50, chicken biryani for Rs 65, vegetarian thali for Rs 35, salad for Rs 9, and chapati for Rs 2. As per the new rates, the buffet (non-vegetarian) will be available for Rs 700 and the buffet (vegetarian) Rs 500, and the mini thali vegetarian for Rs 50.