Chandigarh: For the first time, stir after getting samples of Coronavirus in the sewage, know what it means?

samples of Korona virus in the sewage

Chandigarh: For the first time, coronavirus has been found in the sewage samples in Chandigarh city. These samples have been tested in the Virology Department of PGI, Chandigarh. The WHO-ICMR Center has recommended such an investigation. So that the effect of corona on the environment can be tested.

Professor Mini P Singh at PGI, Chandigarh said, “We started collecting samples from wastewater treatment plants from the month of December last. Along with Chandigarh, samples were also taken from the plants of Amritsar, Punjab. Samples are being tested every week. Coronavirus was not found in the samples that came to us in December. But now after increasing the infection, the virus (Corona Virus) has been found in the sewage water of Chandigarh. can.

samples of Korona virus in the sewage

The testing process is complicated, takes about three days
According to ‘The Tribune’, the method of testing sewage samples varies greatly. Meaning, its process is different compared to testing human samples. For this, the first 2-3 ml of sewage is kept safe for about three days and allowed to thicken. This is extremely important. Then after this, the water is cleaned by removing nucleic acid from it. So that the possible virus found in sewage water can be isolated. Then this sample is tested in an RT-PCR machine. To find out whether it is a virus or not. According to WHO, if coronavirus is detected in the sewage of a residence, it means that one or more people are infected there.