Central government looting public by imposing 69% tax on petrol diesel: Congress

petrol price

New Delhi. Congress party leader Kapil Sibal fiercely targeted the Modi government on Saturday 13 June over the increase in petrol and diesel prices. He said that the government has not given the benefit of reduction in the price of crude oil in the international market to the common people, but is increasing the tax and looting the public. He said that the highest tax is being levied on petrol diesel in developing countries.

Sibal said that the prices of petrol and diesel are very low in the international market and the central government is continuously making a profit from this, but instead of giving the people a share of the benefits from oil, petrol prices are being looted by increasing the price of petrol. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said in a press conference here on Saturday that the government is making huge profit from fuel.

To increase its profit continuously, oil prices are being increased for the day to come. Due to increase in the price of oil, the prices of all commodities rise and the common man is suffering from inflation for this reason.

He said that the government is saving lakhs of crores of rupees from oil and industrialists are being benefited, but the public is being looted by increasing the price of oil. He said that the rate of petrol in Delhi was 71 rupees 41 paise in May 2014, which has increased to 75 rupees 16 paise per liter in June this year, which means that the price of petrol has increased by more than five percent.

The point to note is that in 2014, the price of crude oil in the international market was $ 106 per barrel, which has fallen to $ 38 per barrel today. This means that the government is earning from oil and common people are being looted. The government is collecting record tax from oil and attacking people’s pockets.

Sibal said that the maximum tax on fuel in India is 69 percent and this rate of tax is not only much but much higher than the developed and developing countries in the world. This rate should have been reduced because more than 80 crore population is poor here.

Sibal said that in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, fuel prices are much lower than in India. The government is putting a burden on the poor of the country and making a dent in their earnings. He said that the government does not have the means of income. The government has reduced its earnings by giving relief to the corporate houses in taxes and now it has no means of earning, hence it is robbing the public and raising the price of petrol.