Campaign Curtains Drawn for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase Four

Loksabha Elections Phase-4

New Delhi: As the clock strikes 6 pm on May 11, the bustling campaign trails and political rallies will come to a halt, marking the end of the campaigning period for the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. This cessation of electioneering sets the stage for the upcoming voting on Monday, May 13, across 96 constituencies in 10 states, including key battlegrounds like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh.

The Election Commission has mandated a strict prohibition on campaign activities post-deadline, ensuring a level playing field and adherence to the Model Code of Conduct. Consequently, political parties are making a final push to woo voters with their agendas and promises, intensifying their efforts in a last-minute campaign blitz.

Post-campaign, the constituencies will witness a government-enforced exclusion zone for outside party workers and officials, effectively barring their presence to prevent undue influence on the electorate. District Election Officers are tasked with the crucial responsibility of enforcing this directive, ensuring a fair and unbiased voting environment.

This phase of the elections is particularly significant, with 1717 candidates vying for the electorate’s favor. The diverse candidate pool includes five Union Ministers, a former Chief Minister, two renowned cricketers, and a celebrated actor, all awaiting judgment day on June 4 when the results will be declared.

In an unprecedented move, the Election Commission has also called for re-polling at a booth in the Dahod Lok Sabha constituency of Gujarat. This decision follows an incident where an individual live-streamed the voting process on May 7, breaching electoral conduct and confidentiality.

Loksabha Elections Phase-4

Voters are now poised to exercise their democratic rights and shape the future of the nation’s governance, with the outcomes of this phase poised to have a profound impact on the overall election results. The anticipation builds as India awaits the verdict of its citizens in this monumental electoral exercise.