Call for inquiry into journalist Tarun Sisodia’s death

journalist Tarun Sisodia.

New Delhi: A group of 155 journalists have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and demanded a comprehensive inquiry of the death of journalist Tarun Sisodia.

In a letter to the PM, the group said,”We, the undersigned journalists would like to draw your kind attention to the untimely death of a young journalist Tarun Sisodia, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Mr Sisodia was undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at the hospital. He jumped to his death on July 6 as per the hospital’s report.

There have also been reports of him being subjected to harassment by his employer.

Prima facie, this suggests a possibility of negligence at the level of the hospital and potential harassment by the employer as contributory factors in his untimely demise,the letter said.

A comprehensive inquiry which will examine all aspects by an appropriate authority is necessary to ensure that such unfortunate incidents are not repeated again, it said.

They also requested the PM that measures be taken so that the potentially adverse financial implications to his family are addressed.