BRO made Amarnath Yatra more convenient and will take less time

amarnath yatra-2023-BRO

New Delhi: Baba Bafarni i.e. Amarnath Yatra, starting from tomorrow i.e. July 1, will not be as difficult as before. Shiva devotees will no longer have to go through narrow paths to reach the cave. They will be able to visit Baba Bafarni by traveling conveniently. That is, compared to earlier, now there will be no difficulties in reaching the cave. Last time 3.60 lakh devotees came to visit Amarnath, this time around five lakh devotees are expected to come.

The Border Road Organization (BRO) has done many such works here, due to which the journey of Baba Bafarni has become easy. Significantly, the 62-day Amarnath Yatra is starting on July 1 through two routes. The first is the traditional 48 km from Anantnag. Long Pahalgam route and another 14 km. It will be via the Baltal route.

To avoid rain, shelters have also been made in between
According to the Director General of BRO, Lt. Gen. Rajeev Chaudhary, earlier both the roads leading to the Amarnath cave were more narrow, due to which the devotees used to face difficulties in movement. To overcome this problem of the devotees, the path has been widened to about 12 feet, which was less than 8 feet earlier.

Railings have been installed along the sides for safe travel
Along with this, repair work of old track and reconstruction of some track has also been done. Not only this, sheds have been made for the devotees around the places of landslides, so that they can come to safe places during landslides. At the same time, the slippery roads have been fixed so that the devotees do not slip in the rain and can be saved from any kind of accident.

Construction of span steel bridge
Span steel bridges have been built at 10 different places on the way to Chandanwadi. At the same time, 8 bridges have also been constructed on the way to the cave from the Baltal side.

amarnath yatra-2023-BRO

Shelter from the rain
Along with this, 25 rain shelters have been made to avoid the rain. These include one between Chandanbari and Pissu Top, three between Panchtarni and Sangam, one between Sangam and Holy Cave, six between Domel and Rayalpathri, five between Rayalpathri and Bararimarg, three on Bararimarg, four between Y Junction to Sawgam, Kalimata includes 2 on the track.