Birth certificate will be used as a single document, a bill introduced in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha

New Delhi: The Birth and Death Registration Act 1969 is likely to be amended for the first time after 54 years of its existence. In fact, the central government on Wednesday introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha that allows the use of birth certificates as a single document for admission to schools and colleges, issuance of driving licenses,s and appointment in government jobs.

The proposed amendments also allow the use of birth certificates for preparing voter lists, issuing Aadhaar numbers, and registering marriages, while critics have already raised privacy concerns, infringing on states’ rights and giving the government unbridled knowledge of people. Claiming to give data, the government has opposed this plan.

According to the news published in the Deccan Herald website, Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai while introducing the bill said that amendment is needed to keep pace with social changes and technological progress and to make it more citizen-friendly. He said that consultations have been held with state governments, the public, and other stakeholders in this regard.

However, senior Congress MP Manish Tewari opposed the introduction of the bill, saying that the bill violates the right to privacy and separation of power and is a disease of excessive delegation. suffers from.

According to the Statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill, the amendment provides for the use of a certificate of birth as a single document to prove the date and place of birth of a person who is born on or after the date of commencement of the amendment. happened after

Lok Sabha

The database of births and deaths will be made available only to those officials who deal with the work related to population registration, voter lists, Aadhaar numbers, ration cards, passports, driving licenses, property registration, and other databases notified by the central government.