Big change in Cricket World Cup format, 14 teams will take part

ICC World Cup 2027

New Delhi: In the Cricket World Cup (ICC World Cup 2027), the ICC is going to make a big change once again. According to the news, 14 teams will take part in this tournament and the World Cup will be played on the basis of Super Six format instead of Round Robin. The ICC will implement this format in the 2027 World Cup. The Super Six format was used in the 2003 World Cup. In the 2019 World Cup, the ICC adopted the round-robin format in which 10 teams participated and one team played 9 matches.

According to the Telegraph report, 2015, 2019, and 2003 Super Six models were discussed in the ICC meeting. It was revealed in the meeting that the 10 team models benefited the most and the 2015 model benefited the least. The Super Six model stayed between the two. According to the Telegraph’s report, England was not in favor of limiting the World Cup to 10 teams.

What are the super six models?
Explain that in the Super Six model, 14 teams are divided into two groups. In both groups, a team plays 6-6 matches. The top 3 teams from both pools reach the Supersix round. Teams that win more matches in the first round have an advantage in the Super Six round because their points are also counted in the next round due to winning more matches. In the Super Six stage, one team competes with the other five teams and then the top 4 teams make it to the semifinals on the basis of points. There will be a total of 54 matches in the World Cup in the Super Six format, while only 48 matches were held in 2019. Sachin Tendulkar’s world record in danger, the legendary player came close

Let me tell you that the performance of the Indian team in the 2003 World Cup was excellent. Team India reached the final. Team India defeated Kenya in the semi-finals after a great performance in the league stage and Super Six. However, he had to face defeat against the Australian team in the title match.