Big alert of Bharat biotech, these people should not apply Covaxin vaccine


New Delhi: Corona Vaccination is started across the country, in such a situation, Bharat Biotech has issued a factsheet that in which disease or condition people should not get Corona vaccine. According to Bharat Biotech Guidelines, if a person’s immunity is weakened due to a disease, or if you are taking any medicines that affect your immunity, then you should not get Covaxin needed. Significantly, the Central Government had earlier said that those who are suffering from immunodeficiency or are on immunity suppression, can take the Corona vaccine if you are reducing immunity for any other treatment. But now Bharat Biotech has issued a statement that such people should not apply covaxin.


These people should not get covaxin

  • On Allergy Complaint
  • Do not get vaccinated in case of fever
  • People who are suffering from bleeding disorder or are taking blood thinning medicines should not take covaxine.
  • Pregnant women, or breastfeeding women
  • Apart from this, one should not get engaged in serious health related matters, about which the vaccination officer should be given complete information.

According to Bharat Biotech, if you are suffering from any disease, then please inform the vaccination officer. Do tell about your regular medicines. That is, before you get the vaccine, you have to give complete information about yourself.

Let us know that after the slightest adverse effects of the Corona vaccine have come out from all over the country, this factsheet has been released. However, the company also says that there is very little chance that Bharat Biotech may have a serious allergic reaction with covaxine.