Before going on a trip, see how much Toll Tax will cost on Google Maps

Google Maps

New Delhi: We use some or the other app for almost everything we do because these apps not only make our work easier, but sometimes we also get other benefits like cashback. One such app is Google Maps, which makes our life easier. Google Maps is such a platform, which is on most people’s smartphones and is also very much liked.

Whether you are in your city or outside, this app helps you to easily reach your desired destination. Meanwhile, users have come to a feature on Google Maps, which will improve your life as well as save you. Actually, Google Maps is now giving you the facility to know the estimated toll tax. Thanks to this special feature, you can plan your trip budget according to toll tax.

Users will be able to see the toll price
Through this feature, you will be able to know in advance how much toll tax you may have to pay during the trip. Google Maps has claimed that if users are walking on a particular toll road, then due to this special feature, they will be able to see how much toll they will have to pay, so let us tell you how to use this feature.

Google Maps

How to use
To use this feature, you must first set your start and end destination. After that, an option will appear right next to the kilometer, click on it. As soon as you click on it, you get the total toll cost. It is important to note that to use this feature, it is necessary that you have selected the car icon, otherwise you will not see the toll price on Google Map.