Bajaj Chetak Urbane: The new electric scooter that promises a thrilling ride

Bajaj Chetak Urbane

New Delhi: Bajaj Auto has finally launched the latest variant of its crowd-pleaser electric scooter, the Chetak. The new model called the Chetak Urbane, is priced at a starting point of Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom) and offers a range of features and color options to suit different tastes and preferences. For those seeking an extra thrill, there is also an optional upgrade package, called the Tecpac, that unlocks a world of features at Rs 1.21 lakh (ex-showroom).

Battery and performance
The Chetak Urbane packs the same potent 2.9kWh battery as its predecessor, the Chetak Premium, but boasts an IDC-certified range of a staggering 113 km on a single charge. This is an improvement over the Premium variant, which had an ARAI-certified range of 108 km. The Urbane variant aims to redefine the electric scooter experience by offering a longer and smoother ride.

The standard Chetak Urbane hits a top speed of 63 kmph, aligning seamlessly with the existing model. However, the Tecpac brings a surge of power, unlocking an exhilarating top speed of 73 kmph. This makes the Chetak Urbane one of the fastest electric scooters in the market, capable of competing with the likes of Ather 450X and TVS iQube.

The charging time of the Chetak Urbane has increased to 4 hours 50 minutes, compared to the 3 hours 50 minutes of its predecessor. The charging rate has also dropped from 800W to 650W for this sleek newcomer. This is due to the higher battery capacity and performance of the Urbane variant, which requires more time and less power to charge fully.

Features and color options
The Chetak Urbane is available in four color options: Matte Coarse Grey, Cyber White, Brooklyn Black, and Indigo Metallic. These colors are different from the Premium variant, which had six color options: Cyber White, Citrus Rush, Brooklyn Black, Velutto Rosso, Indigo Metallic, and Hazelnut. The Urbane variant offers a more subtle and elegant look, while the Premium variant had a more vibrant and flashy appeal.

The Chetak Urbane also flaunts the same vibrant color LCD instrument cluster found in the Premium variant, which displays information such as speed, battery level, range, mode, and time. The instrument cluster also has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the rider to pair their smartphone with the scooter and access features such as navigation, music, and calls.

Bajaj Chetak Urbane

The Tecpac upgrade package adds a sport mode, along with a hill-hold assist, reverse mode, and full-app connectivity. The sport mode enhances the acceleration and performance of the scooter, while the hill-hold assist prevents the scooter from rolling back on slopes. The reverse mode allows the rider to move the scooter backward easily, while the full-app connectivity enables the rider to access more features and settings through the Chetak app.

The Chetak app also provides features such as remote lock/unlock, location tracking, theft alert, ride history, and battery status. The app also allows the rider to customize the scooter’s sound, light, and mode settings.