Auto-taxi fare in Delhi has increased, now this much money will have to be paid

Auto rikshow delhi

New Delhi: There has been an outcry due to inflation in the country. Inflation constantly touching the sky has made the life of the common man difficult. In such a situation, a new burden of inflation is going to fall on the heads of the people in the capital of the country, Delhi. In Delhi, the starting fare of auto-rickshaws has been increased by Rs 1.50 per kilometer and for taxis by up to Rs 15. In such a situation, there will be more burden on the pockets of Delhiites.

According to the information, let us tell you that the initial meter of auto-rickshaw was Rs 25 earlier, now it will be Rs 30 directly. After which instead of Rs 9.50 behind every kilometer, people will have to pay Rs 11 to the rickshaw pullers now. At the same time, for taxis, it will now be Rs 40 in the same initial. With this, people will now have to pay Rs 17 instead of Rs 14 per kilometer for taxis and Rs 20 instead of Rs 16 for air-conditioned taxis.

Auto rikshow delhi

It is worth noting that due to rising inflation in Delhi, even though the fares of taxis operated by the government rules were not revised, the app-based operators have already increased the fare of their ride service. According to the news, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot has confirmed this and said that the government has planned to increase the fare. According to officials, there has been a need to increase the fares of these services due to the rise in the cost of CNG.