Arvind Kejriwal Bail Twist: The High Court has temporarily stayed Bail

Arvind kejriwal

New Delhi: In a significant development, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been granted bail in the money laundering case related to the now-defunct liquor policy. The Rouse Avenue Court’s vacation Judge Nyay Bindu passed the order, allowing Kejriwal to walk out of Tihar Jail upon paying a bail bond of ₹1 lakh.

However, there’s a twist: the High Court has temporarily stayed Kejriwal’s bail pending further hearings. This unexpected turn of events has added suspense to the unfolding legal drama.

Key Points:

  • Bail Granted: Kejriwal’s release comes after his arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on March 21. The court’s decision allows him to step out of jail, but the ED plans to challenge this order in the Delhi High Court.
  • AAP’s Reaction: AAP workers celebrated outside the Chief Minister’s residence, hailing Kejriwal’s impending release as a victory for democracy. Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh emphasized that the ED’s allegations were baseless and aimed at trapping Kejriwal².
  • ED’s Claims: During the hearing, the ED alleged that Kejriwal demanded kickbacks of ₹100 crore in the liquor policy case. The agency also asserted that funds from liquor sellers were used to finance AAP’s election campaign in Goa. Additionally, there was evidence of a money trail linking the South Group (including BRS leader K. Kavitha) to the AAP².
  • High Court Intervention: The ED swiftly approached the High Court to challenge Kejriwal’s bail, leading to the current stay order. Additional Solicitor General SV Raju argued for an immediate stay, citing procedural irregularities in the initial bail order.

As the legal battle continues, all eyes remain on Arvind Kejriwal’s fate. Will he emerge from Tihar Jail or face further legal hurdles? Stay tuned for updates as the case unfolds.