Anil Ambani’s son Anmol said about the lockdown – professional politicians can hold their rallies, but your business is not necessary


New Delhi: Anmol Ambani, the elder son of industrialist Anil Ambani, opposed a new round of lockdown amid the rising Covid-19 transition. The relationship is not with health, but with control and this will break the back of society and economy. The 29-year-old former executive director of Reliance Capital Limited tweeted in several tweets that the new partial lockdown rules are hurting small businesses and daily wage laborers.

He tweeted, “Professional actors can continue shooting their films. Professional cricketers can play their game till late night. Professional politicians can continue their rallies with crowds of people. But your business is not necessary. You still don’t get it? ” He had previously voiced opposition to such restrictions and retweeted videos and comments condemning him.


Anmol said, “What does compulsory work mean? Every person’s job is compulsory for him. ” He said that it is not for health, but for control. I think we are all being caught in a trap, either unconsciously or subconsciously. This trap is very big, the plan is very scary. This plan is just like China’s technocracy – a totalitarian externally controlled bio-surveillance fascist government system – to clamp down on every aspect of our lives.

But Anmol has also said that he believes in India and its people, they will fight this global uprising and will not allow more colonization of the country. It is necessary that we know the truth. Favor love, peace, unity and sympathy.