Akshay Kumar reaches Ujjain Mahakal temple holding Pankaj Tripathi’s hand


Mumbai: Akshay Kumar has started shooting for the film ‘Oh My God 2’ (OMG 2). Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi are in lead roles in the film with Akshay. Shortly before, Akshay Kumar shared a video on social media with Pankaj Tripathi. The actor visited Mahakal in Ujjain on Saturday, a glimpse of which he has also shared with his fans.

Khiladi Akshay Kumar has shared a slow-motion video on his Instagram with Pankaj Tripathi. During this, he wrote in the caption, ‘Where the beginning of the universe, the departure of the universe, where the lord of beginning and eternity, reached Ujjain, the city of ascetics to seek the blessings of Lord Mahakal, and my friend @pankajtripathi #OMG2.’ You can see this in the video. That Akshay Kumar is seen going towards the temple with Pankaj Tripathi putting his hand around his neck. Watch the video here.

Earlier, Akshay Kumar released the poster of the film OMG-2 on Saturday after the darshan of Mahakal. He wrote on his social media platform, ‘Karta Kare Na Kar Sake, Shiv Kare So Hoy…’ ‘OMG-2 needs your blessings and best wishes. This is our honest and humble attempt to reflect on the social issue. Adi Yogi bless us.

Let us tell you that ‘Oh My God 2’ (OMG 2) is a sequel to the superhit film ‘Oh My God’. Through this film, a scathing attack was made on the superstitious and fake religious leaders. This time Pankaj Tripathi is going to be seen in place of Paresh Rawal. This time Amit Rai is directing the film. Amit has also written the film.